Ready Set Scan

Time to get scanning! In the last move I ran out of time and dragged a bunch of boxes with papers, photos and old poetry along with us (real tears). I brought this delightful little scanner with us and promptly neglected to scan a single page, or TBH hardly opened a box since that time. So here I sit in a puddle of tears, in the exact same position I was in three years ago. Only now, space is even more dear, as we have to pay over $2 per pound to ship a box (then rent storage I guess) or fit it into our 27 foot RV.

On the positive side, this scanner is tiny and mighty. It’s fast and scans both sides of the paper simultaneously. It is easy to manage with my PC laptop. It fell in the move, from about four feet off the ground and works as good as new with a little black duct tape holding it all together. Seriously, name one thing that is better than duct tape. This was the third scanner we bought for this product, the others were slow and inaccurate. So scanner project, round two, wish me luck.