Dogs Can Live Tiny!

If you’ve wondered if dogs can be happy in a tiny house, just look how happy our little guy was with his new home. I mean, dogs love dens, right? We are fortunate enough to have a little yard where we could put in a tiny temporary fenced area. Thank goodness Lowes carried this fencing that comes with little spikes that get hammered into the ground (no concrete!). After the spikes you feed poles through the fencing segments into the spikes. It can be reconfigured as much as you want. You could even take it with you if your home is on wheels.

I suggest reserving some space in the house for your little buddies, and give them either a dog bed or a crate. It’s just nice for them to know where to go to feel safe and comfortable and have a place to get out from under foot. Be sure to get him or her out and about from time to time. Our furry friend loves to join us on the road, now that we can afford to travel more.