My Minimalist Fail

On the very first day, I basically failed at getting down to a minimalist life on board the RV. I guess it really is smaller than our house. As the hours wound down and we were basically forced out of our home for an open house (being the people who want the sale and all), we stopped sorting and began randomly shoving things into boxes and throwing everything everywhere. No more organization, no more minimizing, nothing but flat out pandemonium. Plan B is now in effect… continue to sort and minimize on the road (cringing).

It looked like this… really (Don’t look at me like that, I know it’s hideious!)

In CT, when Honey began battening down the hatches with the remnants of our smashed AC, I began sorting in earnest. By the end of the morning the tools were mostly organized and there was a good pile of gifts, donations, and trash. More to go at our next stop, onward!

Still with the duplicates and triplicates (How?!)

Freedom Rings O’er the Lake

Lucky people that we are, we received an invitation to a lake house as we rolled into The city of Danbury. They fed us well, then treated us to the town’s early fireworks show over Candlewood Lake in Connecticut. It started off with an atmosphere of anticipation and low murmuring voices. As the sun set slowly, dozens of little boats lit up and dotted the lake.

This part of the lake is situated near hills that echoed the sound, and we imagined being surrounded by battle in 1776. We witnessed a burst of light, quickly followed by a pop, and then a thunderous boom echoing behind the hills a second or two later. Crank up the sound and check out the video… with your ears.

The Incident

So there we were following friends back to their place in Danbury, CT and just when that little railroad bridge seemed okay… Bang! Bang! Bang! Goodbye sweet little air conditioner. And here we were with a plan to head south in July. Not okay.

Here’s Honey doing damage controls bright and early

Fortunately we got a referral from a friend to a great RV repair place in Pokomoke, MD. What amazing service! We called from New Jersey and four hours later they assessed the damage. Sadly our little AC was beyond repair. They got us chillin’ again by 6:30 in the evening. This friendly crew even stayed 30 minutes past closing to get us on the road again. The bill was reasonable to boot, thank you We RV! Here’s a link to their website:

A 6000 Mile Journey!

He keeps his eye on the road

Woohoo, finally on the road. We cleared out the house, with a lot of assistance. A big thank you to the family and friends who offered to help, and showed up too! People who are generous with their time and labor are such a blessing.

We hoped to leave last Thursday, and missed the mark by three days. Good thing we didn’t have a plane to catch. I attribute the slow departure to basic stuff denial. Despite my “declutterfication” of the past several years I still have too much stuff. We donated at least 15 pickup truckloads. Some of our loved ones were kind enough to take stuff off our hands. I am still not sure if I should feel happy for them about the freebies or guilty for adding to their stuff burden.

Adventure comes with a price. Our old home, neighbors, loved ones, the view, and my work will all be missed. How to begin a 6000 mile adventure? Start with a plan, give stuff away, say farewell, and take a big leap of faith.

Goodbye Sweet View
Hello Open Road: coming into Hartford, CT

Bitter Sweet

With a heart heavy, I said farewell to so many lovely lovely people on this, my last day of work on the east coast. The overriding message I received over the past couple days? So many people I know have adventure in their hearts and in their pasts. To be free and pursue adventure, we need to leave behind our security and stability. It represents a very big leap of faith.

Leaving my work is our biggest step toward freedom to date. Yesterday we sold our truck, tomorrow my convertible since 2006 goes on eBay. Letting go becomes a bit easier as we go along, though I know there are a few tough days ahead.

In another seven to 10 days we will let go of these breathtaking and ever-changing views, right outside our door. Next I anticipate some tough choices, when we learn definitively that everything we decided to keep will, in actuality fit inside that little RV. The focus will need to be the fun days ahead. Onward!

Tiny Visits

Our Stay in a Get Away House

Before we bought our own tiny house, my family got me gift certificate for a stay at a tiny house with Get Away ( We stayed at a 160 square foot house in New Hampshire. It was lovely. The woods were so peaceful and pleasant. It was great trying out a few features. I learned I don’t love a tight loft space. To me I feel like I’m in an MRI… not my favorite feeling. I also like a place to hang my coat or sweater and bag when I walk in the door. I am not a fan of a set up that’s like a studio… I like to have a bedroom that has a door. The dog really enjoyed the open concept though. Overall there were many lessons learned and we had a nice time away to boot. I would definitely recommend this company.

I’m screaming on the inside! Thank goodness there was a bed on the main level.

Ready Set Scan

Time to get scanning! In the last move I ran out of time and dragged a bunch of boxes with papers, photos and old poetry along with us (real tears). I brought this delightful little scanner with us and promptly neglected to scan a single page, or TBH hardly opened a box since that time. So here I sit in a puddle of tears, in the exact same position I was in three years ago. Only now, space is even more dear, as we have to pay over $2 per pound to ship a box (then rent storage I guess) or fit it into our 27 foot RV.

On the positive side, this scanner is tiny and mighty. It’s fast and scans both sides of the paper simultaneously. It is easy to manage with my PC laptop. It fell in the move, from about four feet off the ground and works as good as new with a little black duct tape holding it all together. Seriously, name one thing that is better than duct tape. This was the third scanner we bought for this product, the others were slow and inaccurate. So scanner project, round two, wish me luck.