In 2016, after years of fascination with the tiny house movement and much consideration we chose to sell our 1600 square foot home and move into a tiny house of 458 square feet with our dog companion and young adult daughter. (She now lives in her own tiny apartment in the big city!) Our home sits on a foundation in a lake community. We explored all tiny possibilities including living aboard a boat, full time RVing, building a tiny house on wheels, or moving into a mobile home. In the end, we went with the home on the foundation, as we live in a four season climate with limited access to affordable year-round dockage or campgrounds and the excellent low interest loan rates that were available at the time of our decision. We have a sense of permanence and the ability to wander when we choose.

Fast forward to 2019, we are ready for our next adventure. After traveling for much of the last two summers in an RV we are moving into the RV and heading to the other coast this summer. The tiny house is under agreement and the tinier home awaits. Once we land, we will revisit the same decision. No one knows if we will stay in the RV, build an off grid tiny house, find a live aboard, or stumble into something unforeseen. It’s happening!