Texas Yeah!

So happy to be in Texas, but the Austin food truck dinner was a fail. We settled for highway level fast food and a campsite in a lovely state park, after a couple of traffic incidents. One such incident involved dozens of horses with amateur riders and a young lady making the unfortunate choice to jump off of a moving vehicle. Don’t ask, all I can say is she lived.

Off to Jim Hogg Park we went. They offered electric and water for $22. The best feature of the facility is the availability of same day online booking. I may be a little in love with them for that. For some unknown reason all of the women in my family are phobic about making phone calls. We can do it, but it represents a last resort. Most campgrounds won’t allow online booking on the same day— we don’t plan ahead on a road trip— so you can see my Dilemma.

Driving into the campground we saw a doe and fawn, frolicking bunnies and stars popping right out of the sky. Yes, it was after dark. Backing an RV into a space after dark is a little like gambling. The jackpot is a crash-free landing.

Austin should happen Sunday, with a plan to see Chip and Jo on Monday and then work our way out of TX. The road often takes us to unexpected places… and that’s why we do it.

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