Bitter Sweet

With a heart heavy, I said farewell to so many lovely lovely people on this, my last day of work on the east coast. The overriding message I received over the past couple days? So many people I know have adventure in their hearts and in their pasts. To be free and pursue adventure, we need to leave behind our security and stability. It represents a very big leap of faith.

Leaving my work is our biggest step toward freedom to date. Yesterday we sold our truck, tomorrow my convertible since 2006 goes on eBay. Letting go becomes a bit easier as we go along, though I know there are a few tough days ahead.

In another seven to 10 days we will let go of these breathtaking and ever-changing views, right outside our door. Next I anticipate some tough choices, when we learn definitively that everything we decided to keep will, in actuality fit inside that little RV. The focus will need to be the fun days ahead. Onward!

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