Itty Bitty Sink Solutions

It’s hard to describe how itty bitty our sink is, it’s even a challenge to convey the size in a photo. If there is nothing to show the scale, the brain just assumes it’s an average size. My husband can only wash one of his bear claws in this basin at a time. This photo shows our sink with a fairly standard sized face cloth.

The question becomes what to do with the soap? A bar has no where to make purchase. Most soap dispensers look ludicrously out of proportion. If I set in on the windowsill the water and soap drip to the floor and collect on the sill. I’ve yet to find any miniature soap dispensers. The solution? A clear dispenser, of course! It’s just less visually obtrusive. I only wish the top was white or clear. See the before and after below. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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