Open-ish Concept

This 1868 tiny house is not truly open concept, but we’ve found ways to increase the visual space and open it up a bit. During the first couple years in this tiny home, we had the living room and kitchen separated from each other with storage units. Then we removed those pantries to open it up and give visual space in both the kitchen and the living room. It’s the same reason we changed out the living room furniture. The rocking chair allows your eye to travel right through it, versus an arm chair that would close in the room. We justified the financial and ecological impact of “new” furniture by finding a great used furniture store. You can’t really see it here, but this sofa has a fairly slim profile, it replaced the chunky love seat we arrived with originally. We’ve given up wall shelves and pantries to take back the open spaces in the house. It meant parting with more treasures, but the resulting peacefulness is worth so it.

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