More Minimalism Reading

Long after the Art of Tidying, Goodbye Things by Fumio Sasaki, dropped into consciousness. It worked very well as an audible book. It was surprisingly entertaining… not something that is always true of non-fiction. Instead of buying more books, I frequently download the audible versions from my local library onto the Overdrive App “Libby” on my phone. This way there is more time to “read” while doing chores (your basic win-win).

I get no renumeration for this link, it’s merely for convenience.

Sasaki’s personal story is so inspiring. This is someone who let go of cnearly all of his possessions and his social drive to show material success. I love that minimalism does not come naturally to him, rather he has learned about and chosen this lifestyle. He now lives in less than half the space of our house.

A video found about Sasaki’s lifestyle

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