Reading on Minimalism

I’ve read three books that inspired me to minimize. This is something I strive to do, not something that comes to me naturally. The first one I encountered, maybe five years ago. I read Marie Kondo’s book on the Kindle app. My mother, who is naturally organized and a ruthless minimizer, thought everything in the book was rather obvious. I, however, did not inherit those genes from her, to me it was all fresh and new. I liked the concept of sparking joy, it helped me part with many clothes. I learned afterward that clothes for doing chores such as painting do not spark any joy with me… ever. Because of this I ended up converting a couple of “spark joy” clothing items into painting/yard work clothes. At that point they no longer sparked joy— harrumph! There were a few lasting changes, that I adopted after reading her delightful little book. It gave me a jumping off point. It continues to help me keep clothing drawers neat, as I have never reverted to my old way of folding. Hint: that after reading the book, I looked up a YouTube video of Marie Kondo folding clothes to finally understand it. I never could picture her technique based on the written word alone. Lastly, I am much more careful about purchases I make in the first place. If it’s not sparking joy, it is NOT coming home with Mama! I will keep you in suspense for the second book. I mean, how much info can you absorb in one sitting anyway?

*This does not provide support for the author, it’s just a convenient link.

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