Summer House

Summerhouse at Mt Rushmore

Meet our summer house, and soon to be full time home! If all goes as planned our current home will be occupied by new owners this summer. The rather loose plan is to move into this RV and make our way slowly to the other coast. We spent the end of the summer of 2017 traveling from the East Coast to the West and Back, and nearly all of 2018 traveling up and down the east coast in this little 27 foot RV.

Further minimizing is the key this summer, as we are going even smaller. There will be no movers, no moving van, no freight shipping, it all has to fit in the RV. Not sure yet if we will sell our pickup truck or ship it.

We do plan to eventually settle into a more permanent residence on the left coast… maybe a boat, maybe an off-grid shipping container home— it will be a surprise for all of us!

Remi chillin’ by the RV in South Carolina

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