No Linen Closet? You Can Do This!

We have one bathroom cabinet. This encompasses all bathroom storage and linens. Since we LOVE huge, luxurious towels, we keep only five. We took a tip out of Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and started vertical storage of the towels. That let’s us limit bath towel storage to one little shelf. The middle shelf is for hair products,  dentition supplies, and hand towels. The lower shelf stores the hairdryer along with all the little bits— make up, lotions, nail-type stuff, and little unmentionables.

If you see a buy-in-bulk bargain, run the other way! And for goodness sake, make yourself a regular date to clear the clutter (it’s sneaky, sneaky stuff). Limiting chaos will save you from having your treasures land in the toilet, when you open the lone cabinet! Be ruthless, be brave, you’ve got this!


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