Tiny House Tiny Table

Finding a tiny table that fit in my house and suited our sensibilities… enough to send me to crazy town! After ridiculous search, we finally took matters into our own hands and went DIY:

1) Trip to a granite dealer to have an 18” x 24” piece of granite that matched our counters cut and polished ($100)

2) Trip to a funky used furniture store to by a hideous old table with a tiny table base ($20), plus a pair of cute old chairs ($20)

3) Pick up little piece of granite

4) Trip to hardware store for epoxy

5) Unscrew old yellow Formica table top and thoroughly clean the base

6) Sharpie to touch up chips in paint of table-base (oh yes, I did!)

7) Mark center of granite underside to ensure well balanced table

8) Epoxy new table top to base

9) And finally, my own little perfectly sized bistro table!



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