Downsizing…. again

In 2016, we downsized from 1600 square feet to 458. We dreamed of downsizing in 2010, but were essentially trapped in our home by the economy. While biding our time, we began giving things away. Occasionally we sold something, but that involves pushing beyond our natural laziness… so you can imagine how often that worked out.

For over five years we donated and more than once the thrift shop attendant asked sympathetically if someone had died. We are not hoarders, I swear. I have no idea how we acquired so much. I think we just kept bringing things in and forgetting to send out the detritus. Attics are both a blessing and a curse.

In the end we gave away about 80% of what we had in that house. Of course, when the movers dumped the remaining 20% into our new tiny home it was overwhelming. One of the movers said, “I don’t understand why you’re doing this, your old house is so nice.” As I climbed over the treadmill and the food processor to get to the bathroom, I even asked myself, “What have we done?”

We now find ourselves on the verge of a new adventure with a cross-country move looming. Since we do not care to spend the equivelant of a down payment for a house on moving a bunch of old stuff, hi ho hi ho we must minimize again, I know! This blog has waited in the wings. Perhaps it’s more about minimizing than it is about tiny living. I never dreamed I would be a minimalist…but here we go.


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