Tiny Houses come in many forms, including custom built homes on trailers, travel trailers, cottages on foundations, mobile homes and motor homes. Many who choose tiny, do so to enable living large. Many such homes started as humble summer cottages that became primary homes in more recent years. There’s a freedom that comes with living tiny, freedom from possessions, freedom from debt, freedom to choose less lucrative work and freedom to wander.

The tiny home in which we currently dwell was built in 1868 as a barn. Rumor has it that this 458 square foot beauty became a home to a family with five children during the Great Depression. It looks so small compared with it’s neighbors that new delivery people can’t find it, as they assume it’s someone else’s garage.

Letting our extra things go, and signing on to this more simple life has set us free. It’s given us more access to our own resources. So we have to get creative when we have overnight guests, that’s not often enough to change our minds. Minimizing gives us space to breathe, to be, to live free.